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5 Destinations For The Ultimate Boho Vacation

Back in the 1960s, people moved freely from country to country with a free soul and a wandering spirit. Soon after, one person met another, they formed a group and the Hippie Revolution was born. Apparently originating in Africa, this movement soon made its way into other parts of the world with more and more people getting involved.

Because of this movement, there are many boho vacation spots across the globe for people who have a yearning to embrace their wandering spirit. If you want to spend your holiday with a free soul, then here are 5 destinations for the ultimate boho vacation.

Goa, India

Almost as small as its name, Goa is the smallest state in India, yet it is often dubbed to be the most beautiful. Even after almost 70 years of Indian Independence, Goa still holds a huge Portuguese culture. With a mixed blend of Portuguese customs and bohemian regality, Goa is the ultimate boho vacation spot. With beautiful beaches, bustling evening street markets and great food, if you are wanting to relax somewhere which feels a million miles away then give Goa a visit.

Ibiza, Spain

The bohemian scene in Ibiza dates back to the 60s, when designers, creative thinkers and artisans flocked to enjoy the quaint atmosphere of the island. Although a lot of people think of Ibiza as the ultimate party destination, it is also the perfect place to spend your boho vacation. In amongst the party and club destinations, you’ll find secluded beaches and towns that are filled with hippy markets, roof terraces and chilled out lifestyle.

Mykonos, Greece

The bright white and turquoise shades that make up the town of Mykonos mean that it is a hotspot for boho babes and celebrities alike. The island of Mykonos is known for its iconic landmarks and laidback vibes, whether you want to spend your time wandering through the postcard-perfect streets or finding a secluded beach to lounge on. There are plenty of hotels and villas on the island which focus on having a boho theme to match that of the island, plus there are plenty of shops and stalls in the main street for you to get your boho fashion fix - don’t forget to take your bohemian jewellery to match with any fashion finds you make.

Troncones, Mexico

If you’re looking to get away from destinations filled with parties, then Troncones is the place for you. This sleepy village is the ideal boho vacation spot for those looking to get away from it all and enjoy the wonders of what the world has to offer. You can take a walk down the 3-mile stretch of beach here and very often not see another person, even during peak vacation season. The main attraction here is the beach and the hammock which you’ll be lounging in for the majority of your holiday!

Formentera, Spain

The beaches here have bright white sand and a deep blue sea, so you’ll be forgiven if you think you’ve ended up at the Caribbean. The laid-back atmosphere of Formentera is perfect to take in all that Spain has to offer - siestas, sun-drenched beaches and fresh, tasty food. Although Ibiza is just 30 minutes away by ferry, you’ll feel a whole world away from one of the best-known party destinations in Europe. Spend your days lounging underneath an umbrella on the beach, eating freshly caught fish with a glass of sangria and cycling through quaint little villages to visit their hippie markets.

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