Collection: Dainty Gold Bracelets & Silver Bracelets

Explore our beautiful collection of dainty gold bracelets and silver bracelets that have been lovingly designed with you in mind. Inspiration has been taken from cultures around the world to create our range of delicate gold bracelets, ensuring that your jewellery leaves a lasting impression. Whether you choose to opt for silver or gold dainty bracelets, wear our bracelets on their own, layer them up for a more dramatic look, or team with a matching statement or dainty necklace for a fully coordinated look!
Many of the pieces in our collection features sterling silver, and we also have some gorgeous key dainty bracelets in gold and rose gold tones. Whatever your style, our beautiful silver and gold dainty bracelets collection really does have something for every taste. If you love this collection, make sure to see our New In Jewellery at Kelabu!
Cleaning your dainty gold bracelets properly is important to not only keep them clean and shining, but also to help prolong their life! It is easy for things like hand creams and body creams to get built up in your jewellery over time, so giving them a good clean will restore their shine and keep them in really good condition so you can continue to wear and love them! So, you should clean your dainty gold bracelets around once a year, or once every 6 months if you wear them regularly. Start by mixing a small bowl of warm water with mild soap, then take a very soft bristled toothbrush or soft cloth and remove any build up from the jewellery. Make sure you do this with the jewellery in your hand, rather than dipping into the cleaning solution. Once your dainty gold bracelets look nice and shiny, give them a really good rinse to remove all soap, then hang on an empty jewellery rack to dry. This helps to avoid your dainty bracelets sitting in any moisture, so they stay in wonderful condition. After around 24 hours, you can place them back into your jewellery storage as they’ll be fully dry! Cleaning your dainty gold bracelets properly and regularly will help to keep them looking amazing.

Our collection of dainty gold bracelets and dainty silver bracelets features a style for everyone! We have stunning floral detail dainty gold bracelets, a luxury and contemporary choice. They are designed to make a statement on their own or to be the main focus in your bracelet stack. This style of bracelet goes with every outfit for every occasion, from a casual brunch with friends to your fanciest date night. Our dainty gold bracelets also feature a wide range of chain bracelets! The smallest of our chain bracelets are Gold Figaro Chain Bracelets, a beautiful, delicate piece that is ideal for everyday wear or for stacking for a more dramatic look, making this dainty gold bracelet a must in your jewellery box. We also have slightly more statement gold chain bracelets, but they still have a dainty and feminine feel to them which we absolutely love. Keep your chain bracelets on one wrist or spread across two for the ultimate bracelet stack. We also have simple and stunning tennis bracelets. With both dainty gold tennis bracelets as well as silver, these are absolutely timeless pieces that ooze class and sophistication. The perfect combination of simple and statement, these add effortless glam to your outfit whilst never being too much. If you’re looking for a versatile dainty gold bracelet or silver bracelet to add to your collection, look no further than our tennis bracelets. With plenty more in our collection of dainty gold bracelets, and us always adding to our range, we know you’re going to find something that you will wear and love for years!

Dainty gold bracelets make a perfect gift! Bracelets in general make a great gift, because they can easily be adjusted to fit your loved one, so you don’t need to worry about trying to get their ring size or find out which piercings they have for earrings. You can simply pick something you think they’ll love, and you know it will fit! In terms of choosing dainty gold bracelets specifically, they’re just a beautiful, diverse and timeless piece for anyone’s jewellery box. Whether you choose something slightly more statement like a floral piece, or you go super simple with a small dainty gold bracelet, it will become a special part of their jewellery collection. Not sure whether to choose a gold dainty bracelet or a silver one? Try to think about which metal they wear the majority of the time, then go with that option. Either way, having a mix of gold and silver in your jewellery box is great for different styling options.

If you’re looking for fun and unique ways to store your dainty gold and silver bracelets, you’re in the right place! Our absolute favourite (and in our opinion the prettiest) way to store your dainty bracelets is with a bracelet display stand. You can get really affordable options and it allows you to layer on your bracelets so you can easily see all of them, they can easily be removed and they look really beautiful! It also helps to keep your dainty gold and silver bracelets separated, to prevent any scratching. Depending on how many you have in your collection, you can get a bracelet display stand with one low row, or you can get trio versions to keep everything looking wonderful and in one place! No matter how you choose to display your dainty gold bracelets, just make sure that they are spread out and separated, so you can keep them in the best condition possible.

Styling your dainty gold and silver bracelets is super easy, as they are such diverse pieces! The first way to style them is very simple, on their own. Whilst some of our dainty gold bracelets are designed to make a statement, and others are more delicate, they all look absolutely stunning on their own. If you have quite detailed sleeves on your top or dress, or you have more statement earrings and a necklace, then a simple dainty gold bracelet on its own looks stunning. If you want a more bold look, then get stacking! All of our dainty bracelets, both gold and silver, can easily be mixed and matched together to create the most stunning look. We personally love a small dainty chain with more of a statement piece, or stack up multiple different chain bracelets for a textured and edgy look to bring something different to your outfit.

Absolutely! We love helping our customers find the absolute perfect piece for them, or for their loved one if they’re purchasing it as a gift. Head to our contact us page where you can get in touch with us, or feel free to send us a message on Instagram (@kelabujewellery) and one of our team will be more than happy to help you find the perfect dainty gold bracelet or silver bracelet.