two women as bridesmaids wearing bridesmaid jewellery and carrying flower bouquets

Beautifully Simple Bridesmaid Jewellery Styles

Everyone knows how hard it is to plan a wedding. It isn’t just the event itself, but the things which lead up to and follow on from it, such as finding the perfect outfit for your bridesmaids, arranging family meetups and getting everything organised.

For your bridesmaids, you want to choose an outfit which they love and which will go with the theme of your wedding. Likely to be your best friends and loved ones, your bridesmaids will be made up of some of the most special people in your life, so you will obviously want to treat them to a gift or two.

Bridesmaid jewellery is one of the most popular gifts for Brides-to-be to give and is something which will last a long time, full of memories from your big day. So, if you are searching for some beautiful and simple bridesmaid jewellery styles, here are some ideas for your big day.

Classic And Modern

There are jewellery gifts for bridesmaids which can easily remain timeless. From monogrammed pendants to a gemstone necklace in the colour of your wedding theme, these will compliment a formal dress easily and can also be worn after the wedding.

If you want to add a modern spin, then get the initial of your bridesmaids engraved on the pendant, or look at some modern jewellery trends. Geometric shapes, layered necklaces and different gold shades are all popular at the moment.

Choose Something Different

It’s important to remember that each one of your bridesmaids is unique and different. Just like no dress style is perfect for everyone, jewellery styles also differ depending on the wearer. If you want to make your bridesmaid jewellery gift unique, then look for something to give which has been chosen for each bridesmaid individually.

Maybe one of your bridesmaids likes statement earrings rather than wearing a necklace, or one much prefers the look of an elegant bracelet. Keep the dress of your bridesmaids in mind when you are choosing a jewellery item, especially if everyone has chosen a slightly different style and also the hairstyles of your bridesmaids.

Get Inspiration From Your Wedding Theme

Long gone are the days of just having a wedding. Weddings are now even more personal than ever and the couple spends a lot of time choosing even the smallest detail. The theme of a wedding is often something that is personal to the happy couple and something which gives them great memories.

When it comes to choosing bridesmaid jewellery, look for inspiration from your wedding theme. Whether it is the colours you have chosen, elements from the theme such as flowers or leaves or even patterns you have included, you can play with each of these elements to find a piece of jewellery that matches.
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