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Choosing The Right Jewellery Colour For Your Skin Tone

Your jewellery collection should be an extension of your own, personal style and the right pieces will add that little extra something to any outfit, as well as boost your self-esteem and confidence. With such a vast variety of options available, how do you know which pieces are the right ones for you?

When it comes to jewellery, everything is a huge factor in how it will look. From the length of the chain to the statement it makes, a piece of jewellery can look completely different when worn by two different people. But, one factor which is perhaps the most important, is the colour of your jewellery.  

One of the key areas to focus on when choosing jewellery is how it will look against your skin tone and the jewellery colour itself. Your decision will, obviously, come down to your own personal choices and tastes, but by figuring out what your skin tone is, you’re giving yourself the perfect starting point when it comes to the search for the perfect jewellery colour for your skin tone.

How Do I Find My Skin Tone?

Skin tones are typically split into three categories: cool, warm and neutral. To determine your skin tone, look at the inside of your wrist, where your veins are more visible. The colour of your veins in this area will determine what skin tone you are.

People with cool skin tones will typically have veins which appear blue and may notice red or pink undertones on their faces. If you have a warm skin tone, then you may have greener-looking veins and a golden undertone. Should your veins not particularly stand out, then you are likely to have a neutral skin tone.

What’s The Right Jewellery Colour For Your Skin Tone?

Now you have determined which skin tone you have, it is now time to start looking into which metals, gems and stones are best suited to your skin tone. Metals form the base of jewellery, so certain types will look different on others. If you have a cool skin tone, then silver and white metal will be better suited, such as silver, titanium and white gold. Warmer skin tones will compliment metals such as gold, copper and rose gold. Neutral skin tones are able to mix and match their jewellery preferences.

Whilst metal forms the base of your jewellery, it isn’t usually the main focus. Gems or stones which are in the jewellery should be what gets the most attention. If you want to create a stunning look, then you need to ensure that the stones, gem and jewellery colour suits your skin tone.

Looking For Stones and Gems

Diamond jewellery and pearls tend to work well with cooler skin tones, but you should also be looking for jewellery that comes with stones in pink, red, blue and purple shades. For those with warmer skin tones, earthy colours and tones, such as orange, yellow, turquoise and coral tones will look beautiful, too.

Choosing a gem or stone which matches your skin tone will complement you and create a much more flattering look. Often, it is the stone that catches attention rather than the jewellery colour and style on its own, so the right one is key to a truly special look. Our collection of Kelabu jewellery is full of special pieces and is available in a wide range of different metal and gem colours, so no matter your skin tone, you’re sure to find the perfect piece in our collection.
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