Woman In Blue Floral Dress Wearing Womens Layered Necklaces

How to Style Womens Layered Necklaces

Whatever the occasion or outfit, layering necklaces are the best way to add an effortlessly chic vibe to your outfit. If, like everyone, you love the style of layered necklaces but aren’t sure how to style them, then keep reading to learn about the different ways to wear womens layered necklaces like a pro.  

Why Are Womens Layered Necklaces Trending?  

Layering necklaces is trending again, and in perfect time with Spring and Summer which are both quickly approaching. Layered necklaces are a cool and creative way to have fun with your jewellery and create a variety of different looks that can transform any outfit. They are also a great opportunity for personal expression and allows you to venture out into the world of jewellery and try new things.

Combine Different Necklace Styles

Don’t be afraid to combine your dainty necklace with chunkier chained necklaces for a statement look that is sure to catch people’s eye. Achieve this look by piling up different length and sizes to create a truly unique and individual look. For some people, the over-accessorizing style isn’t always appealing. If this is you then you can always replace the statement necklaces for more discreet ones.

Different Chain Lengths

This is the most popular and eye-catching way of wearing layered necklaces and looks best when wearing a low cut top or bikini. It is the perfect way to decorate the chest area and looks beautiful on holiday. Begin with a choker and then two longer necklaces that increase in length to create a timeless elegance with a modern twist. This look is perfect for combining mismatched metals such as pairing rose gold with silver.

By choosing necklaces of varying lengths, you can achieve a cascade effect that allows each piece to stand out on its own, whilst complimenting each other. It is best to keep this look at no more than two – four necklaces.

Consider The Neckline Of Your Top

Think of the cut of your top as a frame for your necklaces. The neckline of your shirt and your style of jewellery should work together, not compete with each other. If you are wearing a high neckline, consider how the pattern or colour of your clothing relates to the jewellery. If you are wearing a low cut top, wearing layered necklaces is a great way to accentuate the chest, as well as add some style. Wearing a long length necklace that falls underneath the neckline is super on trend and extremely flattering.


The chic minimalist look consists of very simple and delicate designs that are combined together to give you a super stylish and sleek overall look. The good news is, you can never wear too much minimalist jewellery and it looks better when you layer and stack your minimalist pieces.

Pendant Stacking

There is no better way to add some texture and interest to your outfit than by adding a beautifully curated stack of layered necklaces. Artful details can add definition and vibrancy to a plain roll neck or jumper and is also a great way to combine the chunkiness of a knit with delicate pendants. By styling different pendant heights you can create a fashion-forward aesthetic. Alternatively, shorter necklaces team well with charms on longer necklaces.
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