Kelabu’s Summer 2018 Top Jewellery Trends

Kelabu’s Summer 2018 Top Jewellery Trends

So, despite the Great British weather once again being very unpredictable, we are now into the swing of summer. I know as sun lovers, the thought of getting into a summer outfit and matching the accessories to go with it, really gets us excited here at Kelabu HQ! The flowers are in full bloom, the sun is beaming (some days!) and it generally puts everyone in a much better mood. So with that in mind, we'd like to show you 3 trends that we feel will be big this summer and are set to become an essential in anyone's jewellery box or holiday jewellery selection!

Bracelets - Single Stacked Pieces & Rose Gold Everything

Bracelets are one of the pieces of jewellery which the majority of us will be wearing not only this summer, but all year round. Whether it’s a subtle piece or something with a bit of edge, you definitely want to be wearing one this summer. This season's trends include delicate single pieces with an on trend charm, such as our pineapple bracelet, which can be layered up to create a stacked look. Rose gold is still HUGE and band on trend for summer, and bracelets are no exception to this rule.

Stacking Rings - Gold & Bold

Again, not only for the summer but all year round, but particularly big this season. Stacking rings are a great finishing touch to any outfit whether it's night time glam or a day time boho look for a trip to the beach. One of the first things that people look at when they see someone are their hands, having a beautiful stacking ring collection gives a fantastic first impression! Gold seems to be the on trend colour with stacking rings at the moment, with accents of the occasional stone. The trend seems to be moving back towards chunkier styles, such as our chunky stacking ring set, although some fashion houses have erred more on the subtle side with a thinner style but more of them across more fingers. Be bold, mix it up and create a statement.


Layered Necklaces

One question that is commonly asked of us is "how do we layer our necklaces?" Over the last couple of seasons the layered necklace has been a running trend and here at kelabu we feel as though that trend is not going to run out anytime soon, with a surge in popularity this summer. Again, gold colouring has made a bit of a comeback on the necklace scene, and we're seeing a trend in pre-layered necklaces which take the work out of the layering process for you, such as our Geometric Layered Choker, which also covers off the geometric style trend.

It's important to match your outfit accordingly to ensure that you can wear them properly, so we suggest wearing lighter clothing to show more of your neck line. This gives more chance for you to show off your necklace layering skills. Below are our tips on how to get that layered look.

Try our top tips for layering necklaces below

  • Start by layering simple chains at different lengths rather than statement pieces. Then simply add charms and pendants as you go
  • Don't wear too many pendants at the same time though, otherwise they'll look jumbled and may tangle (which is a nightmare situation to get out of!)
  • Don't wear too many chains that are the same length either as they could also tangle
  • Once you build your confidence and buy new pieces, begin to add more statement necklaces to your look
  • Choose different chain types like Belcher, Curb, Spiga and Prince of Wales chains. It's the tiny differences that add more depth
  • Keep to one metal, do not mix gold and silver together
  • Add charms to make them personal
  • As a finishing touch, add some bold earrings!

Our jewellery here at Kelabu ranges from subtle, to edgy and everything in between. We're sure you will find yourself something, if not, message us! We are always keen on hearing people's opinions and what people want to see in the store!

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