Packing Jewellery For Travel: Everything You Need To Know

Packing Jewellery For Travel: Everything You Need To Know

Whether you’re heading on a dream holiday, a wedding in a far-away location or exploring the world, they all come with their fair share of packing struggles before you leave. When it comes to packing jewellery for travel, with some of your favourite and most precious jewellery pieces in your luggage, it’s easy to be concerned about the tangling, breaking or even just losing it during the journey.

Most people tend to only pack pieces which go with all items in their wardrobe rather than their favourite pieces because packing jewellery safely can seem like such a hassle. Here at Kelabu, thanks to our love for travel and jewellery, we’re all too familiar with the struggles that come with packing jewellery for travel. Here are some of our best tips that you can use for your next trip.

How To Travel With Jewellery

It is far easier to pack your jewellery when you know which outfits and accessories you are going to wear during your trip. For ease of planning, lay out all of the outfits that you have planned for your trip. Then, pick the jewellery which you want to wear with each outfit. Remember, don’t be too unrealistic when going through what pieces you want to take. You don’t want to pack any unnecessary items which you won't wear.

Packing Jewellery For Travel

The idea when going on a travelling adventure is to pack light. But, when jewellery is added into the mix, it may become necessary to come up with ways which won’t add any extra weight to your luggage. Here are some ways to make your travelling, and packing, easier.

Ziploc Plastic Bags

Ziploc bags come in many different sizes, so whether you're packing small rings or chunky statement necklaces, Ziploc bags are an easy and effective way to pack and separate your jewellery items. Make sure that you pack them in twos or threes and keep any tangle-prone jewellery pieces separate.


The easiest and cleverest way to carry and transport your necklaces and chains is with the use of a straw. Simply thread one end of a necklace chain through the straw and clasp it shut with the other end. This way, the chains don’t become knotted or tangled and can be hung up on the hanger with the clothes you intend to wear it with.


Earrings can be tricky to travel with, as they can easily become lost or misplaced. When it comes to packing jewellery for travel, the majority of options or hacks are too small or too big. An easy way to safely pack your earrings is with the use of a few buttons and a piece of ribbon or cloth. Thread your earrings through the holes in the centre of the button and through the piece of ribbon or fabric. Then, use the earring backs to fasten in place. Roll the piece of fabric carefully, or store in the centre of a folded hand towel.

It may seem difficult to pick and choose your favourite pieces of jewellery for a trip, but by preparing beforehand and choosing select pieces, you minimise any risk of losing your favourite jewellery items. If you consider the packing tips above and think through your outfits before packing, then you have much better chances of having a smooth trip. If you’re still looking for the perfect jewellery pieces for your travelling collection, then check out the Kelabu collection today.

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