Items of clothing hanging in a wardrobe to create an evergreen style

Things To Know When Creating An Evergreen Style

When it comes to creating a stylish wardrobe, one of the most common tips is to base your choices upon timeless pieces and then add in a handful of on-trend pieces each season. But, whilst that is a great place to start, creating an evergreen style is more about investing in your wardrobe and knowing exactly what to buy.

Owning the right pieces isn’t just about looking great, but also about saving money and making the most of what you already have. By investing in timeless pieces which never go out of style, you are making sure that you are buying good-quality and evergreen style clothing which will last far longer than “fast-fashion” pieces. Here are a few key things you should know about creating your own evergreen wardrobe.

What Is An Evergreen Wardrobe?

An evergreen wardrobe is a collection of pieces which you keep on reaching for, no matter the season or trends. For some people, it may be wardrobe staples, such as a classic blazer or white t-shirt, but for others, it could be a pair of leopard print pumps and a stylish midi skirt. An evergreen style is made up of items that are timeless for you personally and this is going to be different for everyone.

Evergreen Workwear

If you work Monday-Friday, then you spend more time in workwear than you do in your casual or weekend wear, so it is likely that your wardrobe is already made up of staple evergreen style pieces.

  • Classic Black Trousers
  • There’s a reason why a pair of classic black trousers are a staple work wardrobe piece. Whether you’re having a good or bad fashion day, then you know you are safe with a pair of black trousers, pumps and a blouse. A pair of good-fitting, tailored trousers are a must for any work wardrobe as they can be styled up with a pair of heels or dressed down with some stylish pumps. They can also be combined with other key fashion pieces, such as a blazer, silk shirt or heels.

    Weekend Wear

    Your weekend evergreen style wardrobe is likely to be made up of more casual pieces. From denim jackets to cotton t-shirts, there are many different items you can add to your wardrobe that you can wear all year round.

  • Slim-Fitting Denim
  • When it comes to the weekend, you’re likely to just want to pull on a pair of your favourite jeans with a t-shirt and enjoy the day. Having a well-fitted and stylish pair of jeans is a wardrobe staple, and not just when you are looking to create an evergreen style. No matter if you go for frayed, distressed or faded, the style is bound to work all year round. Slim-fitted denim jeans work well with a casual t-shirt or dressed up with a blouse for the evenings, so they can be easily transformed for your needs.

  • A Trusty Pair Of Boots
  • Having a pair of stylish and comfortable boots as part of your evergreen wardrobe will see you from season to season. Ankle boots go with almost everything, especially at the weekend when you take a more casual approach to dressing. Be sure to choose a pair which you can match with at least 50% of your weekend wardrobe, as you’ll be able to mix and match through the year.

    Evening Wear

    A little black dress is a must for every girl’s wardrobe. Whilst it is a little cliche, having just one dress you can rely on for any occasion will ensure that you avoid the last-minute panics that come with being invited to a party or dinner plans. To make the most of it, make sure that it is a style which can be worn with your favourite pair of shoes, or mixed and matched with some stylish statement jewellery pieces.

    Remember, an evergreen wardrobe should be made up of pieces which you look forward to wearing. It should contain pieces which fit well and can be mixed and matched with some new pieces from different trends and seasons. Our clothing tastes and preferences tend to change every few years, so having some good quality pieces you can fall back on time and time again are a must.

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